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With the recent rains and warm temperatures, our clients have been noticing more issues with fleas on their pets. Fleas are not just a nuisance; they can eat enough blood to be deadly. They also can potentially transmit tapeworms, which look like grains of rice on a pet’s stools and cause itchiness as they crawl out. Fleas also can contain Bartonella, the bacteria the causes Cat Scratch Fever.


The following are some comments and concerns our doctors hear about fleas:

I am safe because I don’t have carpet and my pets don’t go outside. Fleas will come in just like spiders, scorpions and flies can. Protecting your inside pets is just as important as the outside ones. They also love any nook and crevice in a floor. We see a lot of infestations in apartments with indoor only cats.

Why do I keep seeing fleas when I am using a flea prevention product? The life cycle of a flea is four stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult. It would be great if in one day all the fleas would grow into an adult, jump on our pet, and be killed instantly. It takes as short as 9 days or many months for the cycle to go from egg to adult.

I am seeing more fleas than ever before. The safe products that we recommend at Cypress Creek Pet Care affect the neurological system of fleas, not mammals like us or our pets. Therefore, they move slowly as they die and are more visible.

I have use “X” twice and I am still seeing fleas. Should I switch products? Once an infestation has occurred and you see fleas, it takes 3 to 4 months to get it under control. Any product you change to the third month will then appear to be more effective. This is a good reason to use flea prevention year round so you never have to deal with a problem again.

The doctors and staff at Cypress Creek can advise you on what flea prevention product would be best for your situation.

For more information: Fleas- Know Your Enemy


I am new to Cedar Park and needed to find a new vet for my pets, one of whom has special needs. As soon as I took the tour, I was hooked. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, and the cleanest vet clinic I've been in.-Chelaine

Loved the TLC and patience given!-Kathy

The staff and Dr.'s are always friendly and we are taken back almost as soon as we get there.-Anonymous

I have been coming to Dr. Schubert for 8 years and she has shown nothing but genuine concern and caring for my animals, through life and death. The staff is also personable and caring, always putting your pet first.-Anonymous

You definitely get the feeling as though they treat your pet as if it were their own.-Sean

We are new to having a fur companion and had lots of questions and concerns regarding our puppy. CCPC addressed the ones that we could remember along with what to expect and their recommendations. -Christel

My pets are part of my family, and Dr. Bouloy really understands. He and his staff are always caring and never too busy to make me and my furry babies feel like we are their main priority. I always leave with a comforted feeling!-Katie

We did not see a Dr...we brought our doggies for grooming and they were in need of attention! She did a GREAT job with both of them and we shall be coming on schedule now that we found her. Thank You!-Carol

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