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Dental Disease: How to keep your Pet’s mouth healthy

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pet dental cleaning, pet teeth cleaning, dog dental disease, cat dental diseaseOur pets benefit from dental care just like we do. What happens if you don’t brush your teeth for a day, a week, a month, a year? Can you imagine the smell, the gum swelling, the buildup? That is what happens to our pets.

Plaque forms daily. Layers upon layers over time form hard, concrete-like calculus. The calculus causes the gums to become inflamed, called gingivitis. This is a dark red line that starts at the edge of the gum where it meets the tooth. Then the inflammation spreads to the bone that holds the teeth in place, and becomes periodontal disease.

Many of us have heard our dentists tell us we have pockets or receding gums, which is periodontal disease. Once this occurs, the process cannot be reversed, but can be stopped. Without intervention, the bone loss causes loosening of the tooth. The entire process is painful, leads to infection, and loss of the tooth.

What can you do to prevent this?

Brushing with pet- appropriate toothpaste. Cypress Creek Pet Care has toothpaste in vanilla-mint, chicken and salmon flavors that are okay for pets to swallow. Let us show you!

Routine check-ups. Every annual wellness exam at Cypress Creek Pet Care includes a full mouth exam. Let our doctors assess when your pet needs a professional cleaning.

Regular cleanings and x-rays – We humans see our dentists at least yearly, and some of us go in more often than that. Regular cleanings under the gum line will remove the calculus and x-rays assess problems below the gum line. Anesthesia is needed to fully clean those hard to reach places and perform x-rays. Dogs and cats won’t say “AHHHHH” for the hour or more it takes to perform these procedures. Dental health month is October. Give us a call to make your pet’s appointment.

cat dental cleaning, cat dental disease, dog teeth cleaning Stay away from hard TOYS . Any toy or chew that won’t bend or allow the tooth to sink or break like safety glass (Greenies) will fracture a tooth, even just the tip, eventually. Good toys and chews include Kongs, Gumabones, rope chews, greenies, and soft raw hides. At CCPC, we carry a special rawhide, made by CET, that has the same enzymes in it as the toothpaste. Come on in for a sample.

For more information about dental disease. check out What to Expect if your Pet needs Dental Care


I am new to Cedar Park and needed to find a new vet for my pets, one of whom has special needs. As soon as I took the tour, I was hooked. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, and the cleanest vet clinic I've been in.-Chelaine

Loved the TLC and patience given!-Kathy

The staff and Dr.'s are always friendly and we are taken back almost as soon as we get there.-Anonymous

I have been coming to Dr. Schubert for 8 years and she has shown nothing but genuine concern and caring for my animals, through life and death. The staff is also personable and caring, always putting your pet first.-Anonymous

You definitely get the feeling as though they treat your pet as if it were their own.-Sean

We are new to having a fur companion and had lots of questions and concerns regarding our puppy. CCPC addressed the ones that we could remember along with what to expect and their recommendations. -Christel

My pets are part of my family, and Dr. Bouloy really understands. He and his staff are always caring and never too busy to make me and my furry babies feel like we are their main priority. I always leave with a comforted feeling!-Katie

We did not see a Dr...we brought our doggies for grooming and they were in need of attention! She did a GREAT job with both of them and we shall be coming on schedule now that we found her. Thank You!-Carol

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